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End of TAX Year Document Shredding Service - Shredding 101

End of TAX Year Document Shredding Service

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15th January 2020
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27th July 2020

When we talk about end of the tax year in the UK it runs from 6 April to the following 5 April. During this period a lot of documents that are printed become legally given the green light to be destroyed.

We offer a collection service to pick up archive boxes or collect with sacks all your old documents produced and printed by your comapny, suppliers or clients.

Many clients clear out these documents too because it frees up space and having Shredding 101 collect and destroy them saves time and money outsourcing it. As we all know shreding with an office shredder will take ages, over heats and not cost effective to pay staff to do this shredding task.

Contact us for a shredding service quote to clear out year end accounts and documents from your company today 01482 242101