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What questions lead to us helping with shredding? - Shredding 101

What questions lead to us helping with shredding?

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Why Should I Shred My Stored Documents?
10th May 2019
Documents to be Destroyed at the End of the Tax Year? Confidential, Secure disposal by Shredding 101!
14th March 2020

How much does it cost to shred documents?
It can cost as little as £3 per sack. Call us for more information – 01482 242101

Do you need to shred old bank statements?
If you no longer require them then it’s a good idea for security and to save space.

What should be shredded?
All paper documents that hold important information on that someone come take advantage of or documents in general that you no longer need.

How long should I keep documents?
This all depends on what it is and if it’s tax related to say a business. It maybe a receipt from product you bought and is in warranty.

How do you dispose of confidential documents?
Let us shred them for you! Bring them to us at 3A Bergen Way in Hull or call for a collection

How do I dispose of old paperwork?
You could buy an office shredder but they over heat and can take ages to shred just a hand full of documents. The best way to dispose of old paperwork to request a sack from Shredding 101.

How do you get rid of papers?
We have an industrial cross shredder that destroys sacks and sacks of paper within minutes

How long should you keep bills before shredding?
Usually its good to keep them a few months then get them shredded

How long should you keep payslips?
It’s probably a good idea to keep them all or at least scan them before shredding them.