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How Much Paper Can You Fit In A Sack For Shredding? - Shredding 101

How Much Paper Can You Fit In A Sack For Shredding?

Documents to be Destroyed at the End of the Tax Year? Confidential, Secure disposal by Shredding 101!
14th March 2020
Document Shredding in Leeds
18th March 2021

If you’re wanting a local shredding company for a document destruction service to securely have your documents destroyed to GDPR sized bits Shredding 101 on Sutton Fields in Hull can help you.

If you’re not sure how much paper you can fit in a sack we encourage you to stack the paper flat enabling you to get more paper in thus saving money.

You roughly can fill a sack with a 15 inch (49cm) tower of paper documents (around 15kg) maximising the room inside and saving money. This also makes it a smoother process for us to shred the paper and so a win-win situation on both sides.

Your documents will be 100% disposed of shredded within 24 hours and then the small pieces collected to then be recycled back into paper.

Shredding 101 your local Shredding Company for document destruction services.

We don’t accept plastic wallets or other items other than paper as a surcharge would need to be paid.

We do however destroy the following items if you have any of these our prices are as follows for the 100% destruction of:

·        3 ½ Inch hard drive                 £8

·        2 ½ Inch hard drive                 £4

·        Mobile Phones                        £4

·        Laptops                                    £9

·        PC / Tower                               £12