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Paper Document Shedding Services For Local Companies - Shredding 101

Paper Document Shedding Services For Local Companies

Your Confidential Paper Document Shredding Disposal Company
30th April 2019

Based on Hull's Sutton Fields Industrial Estate offering our paper shredding services to companies near and far to our unit we are attracting domestic, national chain companies and small business having a clear out. This month in April we've attracted a national opticians, local delivery companies and accountants wanting to destroy documents older than 5 years to free up some storage space.

Our pleasant staff, prompt response and competitive pricing has enabled us to grow and gain clients by offering an "A" rated shredding service.

Our operation steps in place ensure a secure shredding service to all of our clients and once completed we issue a "Certificate of Destruction".

Questions asked this week:

Do I have to remove paper clips and rubber bands before you collect? - No we handle the removal of any unwanted items that are not paper including plastic sleeves as we have all our shredded paper collected for recycling.

If I order and pay for 20 sacks do I have to wait until they are all filled? - No we can collect half way through if you think it may take a few more weeks to fill them or sort out other documents.

How often are you in my area to pick up? - We are always travelling making drop offs and pick ups so we're more than likely to be in anyone's area often!.

01482 242101

Shredding 101 offer our professional confidential document destruction service for local companies in Hull & Yorkshire.