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Shred While You Wait? - Shredding 101

Shred While You Wait?

How Much Paper Can You Fit In A Sack For Shredding?
27th July 2020
York Shredding Services – Home and Commercial
3rd August 2020

Whether you are residential or business if you want the peace of mind of your confidential documents been disposed of there and then why not take advantage of our new shred while you wait service?

Your documents will be 100% disposed of , shredded while you wait and within 24 hours receive your certificate and then the small pieces collected to then be recycled back into paper.

Shredding 101 your local Shredding Company for document destruction services.

Paper to be shredded

Walk ins welcome, or if you wish to pre-book and pay before you arrive give our team a call 01482 242101