You've decided you'd like to use us for a shredding service, a member of our team can drop off (small delivery charge applied) our heavy duty polypropylene sacks, you can collect them or even have them posted out to you.

Fill the sacks with your paper documents whilst the driver is there or just at leisure as sacks can be posted out to you too.

Once they are full you can seal them with a zip cable tie.

If filled at leisure contact Shredding 101 to make a booking for collection where we will then safely and securely transport them in our vehicles, ensuring safe custody of your papers at all times back to base.

When your sacks have been transported to our secure unit covered by CCTV, they are then scheduled to be shredded as soon as possible.

We then process your paper into small GDPR sized pieces of 4x38mm cross-cut particles at a DIN Level P-4 – resulting in your data and documents being completely shredded and safe for recycling.

Notifications can be at various stages throughout the process, from initial pick-up or arrival at our unit in Hull thorugh to being totally destroyed, for your peace of mind.

Once completed, a "Certificate of Destruction" Note is issued to you which thereby certifies and confirms the destruction of your private paper documents.

The shredding we complete is transported to a local off-site recycling plant where the material is baled and sent for recycling.